Stickman Tower Defense

Play the Stickman Tower Defense game and build your arsenal to push back the enemy waves. Keep your tower standing by shooting down every stick figure!

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Have you ever wanted to become a general and call the shots on the battlefield? If so, build your defenses to keep the upcoming stickman army away from your tower in the Stickman Tower Defense game! The faith of your base lies in your hand. For how long will you keep it standing?

Your job is to greet the enemy waves with a full arsenal and bring them down. However, their army grows stronger and stronger, and you will have to build your weapons as you push them off! Do you think your strategy will be enough to end this battle without casualties?

How to Play

When it comes to controls, you only have one soul thing to do! Use your mouse to buy your weapons and pick the perfect spot for them. However, you might get in trouble if your planning is not good enough. The enemy troops might get an advantage and will bring down your tower before your eyes! Try to have a flawless strategy to avoid any unpleasant mistakes!

There will be five battlefields where you will carry your battles. However, you will need to unlock them gradually, so you can't just advance as you please. You need to earn it! Also, each one has twenty-six enemy waves to defeat if you want to win the stage! So, you will be doing loads of fighting!

Now, let's get into how to use your arsenal! There are loads of weapons at your disposal, each with its perks. Here is a list of everything you can use:

 - Rocket Launcher: Shoots rockets at your enemies.

 - Cannon: Launches Cannon Balls.

 - Flame Thrower: Does continuous damage until the foes burn down.

 - Land Mines: Use it to blow up your enemies.

 - Freezing Cannon: Slows down the target.

 - Freezing Mine: It has a better slowing down effect than the Freezing Cannon.

Each one costs a bit of money. The lowest cost has the Land Mines at twenty-five dollars, and the most expensive is the Freezing Mine at Two hundred! 

There is more you should know!

The normal Stickman is easy enough to take down. However, as you advance through waves, their power will grow and will become faster and bigger. Also, they will send out some wild animals. If your defense is not good enough, they will enter your tower. It only has one hundred health, so make sure it does not take too much damage!

There will be two hundred dollars to purchase weapons at the start! Depending on your choice, they will go down pretty fast. However, you will get more money by taking down enemies.

Also, you can deploy weapons while fighting a wave if you have enough money. A second way of making money is by selling some of your arsenals, but you will get a lower price than you paid!

Are you ready to build the best defense for your tower against the army of Stickman? Let's see if your strategy will be on point to keep your structure standing!