Storm the House 2

Storm the House 2 game brings more action and epic weapons to defend your stronghold! Dive in, choose your gun, and keep those stickmen at bay.

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About Storm the House 2 Game

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Ready for another round of excitement? Welcome back to Storm the House 2: Let's Deux This game! Just like the first installment of the series, you have an important stronghold to protect and loads of sneaky stickmen trying to knock it down.

As the hero of this tale, your job is to keep your house safe. Those stickmen come in bigger waves this time, trying to outsmart you. But with your trusty gun and sharp skills, you've got everything you need to fend them off!

How to Play

Your controls in this mission are simple yet vital. Everything is the same:

- Mouse: Aim.

- Mouse Click: Fire.

- Spacebar: Reload.

- P: Pause the game.

While aiming, try to make the most of the new cool crosshair that helps you target the stickmen more accurately. Also, be mindful that your gun will need a reload after firing away for a while. Just pay attention to the ammo bar to know the best time to do this and prevent running out of firepower. And if things get too intense, there's a new feature you can use: pause and plan your next move.

Now, while the challenge remains familiar, there are some fantastic new tools and features to explore in this sequel. First, you get to choose your adventure level. Whether you're feeling like an 'Easy' day or up for a 'Why God?' challenge, there's a setting just for you.

Remember those coins you earn from eliminating the stickmen? They come in handy! You can use them to upgrade and strengthen your defense. Here are some worthy upgrades:

- Gunmen: Think of them as your sidekicks. They'll shoot down the stickmen for you.

- Craftsmen: These are the healers. If the stickmen manage to damage your house, craftsmen will fix it up.

- Missile Silo: This is the big one! It launches rockets into the crowd of stickmen. But here's the catch: first, you get the silo, and then you hire workers to make it function. The more workers, the more frequent the rockets!

New Arsenal Alert!

There's also a brand-new arsenal waiting for you! Whether you're looking for speed, power, or a bit of mystery, there's a weapon that'll suit your style. Let's take a look!

Dual Pistols: Think one gun's good? Try two! While they might not pack more punch, they sure let you shoot twice as fast. And with a price tag of just $3000, it's a steal!

SMG: This one's for everyone - from kids to grown-ups who aren't fans of loud bangs. It's affordable, automatic, and, oh, it's quite good at conserving your ammo.

Shotgun: Ever wondered what it feels like to shoot with power? This might fire slowly and need a pause to reload, but it can knock down more than one stickman in one shot. Imagine being Bruce Campbell for a day!

Machine Gun: It's loud, powerful, and a bullet party! Users say it's like feeling pure joy wrapped in gunmetal.

Grenade Launcher: Bring on the BOOM! It might take a moment between shooting and seeing the explosion, but when it blasts, oh boy, it's a sight!

Sniper Rifle: One shot, one less stickman. It's that powerful. And rumor has it, it can even pierce tank armor!

Gravity Cannon: Here's a treat - a gun from a UFO! Once lost by Bigfoot (yep, you heard it right), this mysterious gun is now yours to command.

Old Glory: They say this minigun is so massive and powerful that it might take the challenge away. But every time you fire it, somewhere an angel stands up and cheers!

Gear up and choose your weapon wisely. It's time to show those stickmen what you've got!

With stickmen charging and new weapons to master, it's your time to shine. Embrace the challenge and prove your bravery. Game on!

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