Stick War 2

Lead your kingdom in the Stick War 2: Order Empire game! Command troops, defeat rebels, and unite Inamorata. Are you ready to command and conquer?

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Get ready for Stick War 2: Order Empire, the action-packed sequel to the hit game Stick War. This time, you're the leader of the Order Empire, and you've got a big job ahead. The world is in chaos, with every nation you once ruled now rising up to challenge you, all led by the mysterious Magikill. 

Your mission won't be that easy. You need to defend your empire, keep the peace, and fight off the rebels. With your strategic skills and leadership, you'll navigate through exciting battles and unexpected dangers. The fate of the Order Empire is in your hands. Can you outsmart the rebellion and restore order to the land? Let's find out!

How to Play

Controlling your army is a breeze with just your mouse. Left Click to select your units, Right Click to move them into battle or command them to attack. And when you need a better view of the action, just glide your mouse to the side to scroll through the battlefield.

You're the brains behind the battlefield, commanding an army with a variety of units, each with their own special skills and purposes. It's like being a general in your own action-packed strategy game. You get to send your soldiers into battle, choosing the right moment and the right way to attack or defend.

But it's not all about fighting; you've also got to play it smart by managing your resources. Your miners are super important here. They're the ones who dig up all the gold that you use to build your army and make your base even stronger. So, while you're planning your next big move in battle, don't forget to keep an eye on your gold supply. More gold means you can create more units and upgrade your troops to make them tougher in battle.

What else you should know

Winning isn't just about how many soldiers you have; it's about how you use them. You've got to think about your strategy, like where to place your units on the battlefield and when to strike your enemy.

Plus, defending your territory is just as important as attacking. Building up your base and making sure it's safe from enemies is key to your success. Every battle you win gets you closer to uniting Inamorata and becoming the ultimate hero of the Order Empire.

If you've got the guts to take on rebellions, face dark conspiracies, and lead with wisdom, it's time to jump in. Rally your troops, sharpen your strategy, and let's bring peace back to Inamorata. The adventure awaits, and it's going to be epic!

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