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Don't miss out on the Vex 3 game if you are a fan of platform challenges! You are in for a treat, as this experience will be both funny and challenging!

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About Vex 3 Game

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Start jumping and running with the Vex 3 game! If you enjoy a good platform challenge, the Vex series is a must-play. What sets this series apart is the simple yet creative design. It takes the concept of a stick man and embellishes it. There are plenty of whimsical ideas and innovative mechanics. Are you ready to give them a try? 

Vex 3 consists of multiple acts, each course more challenging to get through than the previous. A unique aspect is that you will need to navigate your way to each one of the acts. Are you ready to set out on an innovative platform adventure? 

How to Play

Are you ready to learn how to control your stick-man? As is the case with similar challenges, you will need to use the Arrow keys to move, jump, and duck. Alternatively, you can use the W, A, S, and D keys, if it's more comfortable for you. Pick whatever you want!

What sets this game apart is the fact that there are plenty of unconventional moves at your disposal. You can climb tall tunnels by jumping from one side to another, hang on the edge of a cliff, and even swim. The game will give you prompts whenever one of these cool moves is available. For instance, you can slide by running and pressing the Down Arrow. Isn't that exciting?

You will come across plenty of different colored blocks. Did you know that each one has particular properties? As an example, the purple blocks collapse as soon as you touch them. The orange ones, however, will help you bounce very high. Isn't that impressive? 

What else you should know

Watch out for all the obstacles! There is a wide range of items you will need to overcome in this game.  You will come circular saws to spikes, pendulums, and combinations of different lethal obstacles. Can you face them? You will need to put your reflexes and swiftness to the test. What a challenge!

Look out for the flags scattered throughout each stage of the game! They represent checkpoints. Therefore, you will have a chance to retry a challenging part of the course as many times as you want. Isn't that awesome?

Head out on the adventure of a lifetime in a whimsical universe! Your final score takes into account your speed and how many times you die. Therefore, try to move quickly and survive as long as you can!

This game will help you become more agile and sharpen your reflexes. What is more, it will even make you giggle a few times!

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