Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles

Test your combat skills with the Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles game! How agile can you be in this overwhelming battle against waves of dangerous foes?

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About Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles Game

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Don't miss out on the Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles game if you think you have lightning-fast reflexes! You'll have a chance to face many enemies, one after the other, in an intense confrontation. Everything depends on your speed of reaction! Help Stickman, an unlikely protagonist, earn weapons and ultimately survive this impossible attack!

The game consists of 40 levels, each one more challenging than the previous. Can you help the courageous Stickman beat all the enemies and reach the final stage of the game? Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to improve your hero's skills and tools. Start playing, and you'll have a blast!

How to Play

Do you know how to fight? This game makes it easy to defend yourself against a large number of enemies. All you need to do to attack is press the Left or Right Arrows on your keyboard. The catch is that you need to have perfect timing!

Have you noticed the two lines on either side of your character? Try to hit the enemies exactly when they are on the line for maximum efficiency and extra points!

Make sure you don't run out of health! If you make a mistake and let the enemies overwhelm you, you'll lose precious life points. Just take a look at the health bar underneath Stickman to see how much of your life you have left. Remember that you can upgrade this feature and make our hero harder to defeat!

Every once in a while, you'll get a little extra help. Your hero will receive a weapon for a limited amount of time! The item you'll receive will be picked randomly out of the list of weapons you have unlocked so far. Use it wisely, and don't waste the powerful attacks!

There's more you should know!

Each round you play will earn you coins. You should invest them wisely! Before starting a new level, you'll have a chance to browse through all the upgrades. Most of them are different weapons that you can use. For instance, you'll experiment with katana, machetes, ninja stars, and even an electrical saw. Awesome!

Have you managed to survive until the last enemy? It's time for the Brutality Attack! Tap the indicated button as many times as you can to score points. It's so fun to watch Stickman destroy his enemies! However, you'll need good reflexes to earn a ton of coins!

Congratulations, you just made it through your first Stickman fight! If you win, you'll get a bunch of money for your effort. The number of enemies you have defeated, as well as the precision and heath points you have left, count towards your final score.

You'll get a bunch of coins and opportunities to improve your character if you do well. Keep playing and find out if you're a talented warrior in the Stickman universe!