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Embark on a 2D adventure in the Stick RPG Complete game! Explore places, interact with people, make choices, and guide your stick figure to a dream life!

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About Stick RPG Complete Game

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Imagine waking up in a flat world where everything is a simple drawing! That's the world of Stick RPG Complete, a unique game where you're a stick figure in a 2D dimension. This is a place where you can explore, meet other stick people, and find all sorts of adventures.

Your job is to help your stick figure make the best life possible. You get to decide what to do every day: work, learn new things, or have fun. Each choice shapes your stick figure's life, making every day a new adventure!

How to Play

Moving around in this stick world is easy! Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to walk around the city. Use your mouse left click to interact with people or objects. Want to go inside a building? Just walk into the doors. But watch out! You'll need to avoid cars and other surprises on the streets.

To begin with, you'll get to choose how long you want to play the game. The time is measured in virtual days, and there are multiple options: 15 days, 40 days, 100 days, or unlimited.

Then, you can give your character a name and configure some of his basic stats to start with, like Charm, Strength, or Intelligence. Now you're ready to play.

Your stick figure has a job to do, money to earn, and skills to learn. You decide if you want to work hard, study, or relax. Remember, what you choose affects your stick figure's future!

Keep an eye on your health and how much time you have. Eating, working, and other activities use up time. When you run out, it's time to go back to your apartment for a good sleep, which also restores your health.

There's more you should know!

There's a lot to do in the city! You can shop at the pawn shop, try your luck in the casino, or grab a bite at a fast-food restaurant. Want to be smarter? Go to school and boost your intelligence. Every place you visit offers new opportunities!

Here are some tips:
- Planning is key! Balance your time between earning money, improving skills, and having fun.
- Don't forget to also check your messages each time you get home. You never know what exciting news might be waiting for you!

From making important life decisions to exploring a vast, flat world, this game is a fun way to experience a virtual life. Get ready to help your stick figure live their best life – it's time to start your adventure!