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🏰 Defend Your Castle game puts you as the ruler against sneaky invaders! As its brave protector, can you outsmart them? Step up and shield your walls!

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About Defend Your Castle Game

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In the Defend Your Castle game, you are the ruler of a grand castle. The bad news is an army of sneaky enemies is marching toward your kingdom, trying to take it over. Can you make sure they don't get past your castle walls?

As the brave protector of your castle, it's up to you to keep the enemies away and defend your kingdom. Use your skills to outsmart them, and with some nifty upgrades, make your castle the most powerful in all the land!

How to Play

You only need your trusty mouse to keep those sneaky invaders away. When you see one of them, grab them by clicking on them and toss them into the air. Gravity will make sure they don't come back.

After every round of defending, you'll earn points. These points aren't just for bragging; they let you buy cool stuff for your castle! Here's what you can get:

Repair: Sometimes, the invaders might cause a little mess. Use this to fix any damage they made to your castle.

Fortify: Want taller walls? This makes your castle bigger and stronger, keeping those baddies out!

Temple: Ever wish the invaders would join your side instead? This upgrade allows you to convert them. Just drop them gently inside your castle, and like magic, they'll switch on your side!

Demolition Lab: Allows you to deploy dynamite-strapped units to help you in tough situations. Just remember to click on the kamikaze to detonate!

Archery Range: With this, your converted units can become archers. They'll help shoot arrows at the invaders.

Workshop: Handy craftsmen are the best! They can fix any damage to your castle without you lifting a finger.

Manapool: Enter the world of magic! Here, you can train wizards who cast cool spells. The more wizards you have, the more magic you get to use!

There's more you should know!

Speaking of magic, here are the spells you can use:

- Kill(300 Mana): With this spell, you can get rid of any invader instantly.
- Detonate(800 Mana): Create a big explosion that sends all nearby enemies flying.
- Conversion(2000 Mana): With a snap of your fingers, turn an enemy into one of your pals!

As you can see, using magic requires mana. So watch the blue Mana Bar to make sure you've got enough before casting a spell.

Alright, brave castle protector! Your kingdom awaits your heroic defense. With magic spells, mighty upgrades, and your quick reflexes, you have all you need to keep your castle safe. Ready for some action? Let's show those invaders who's the real champion!