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Start jumping and running around with the Vex 5 game! Are you ready to face challenging courses filled with deadly weapons and plenty of moving platforms?

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Get ready to accept failure with the Vex 5 game! This unusual platform adventure is truly one of a kind. What sets this game apart from others? It's the whimsical tone and unconventional obstacles!

Despite its simple design, featuring a stick-man as a protagonist, the game features some innovative elements. No matter how many platform adventures you have played so far, this experience will be unique! Get ready to give it a try! 

Can you navigate your way to the next level? The game consists of ten acts. However, you will need to make your way through them by getting past various obstacles. Moreover, there are advanced versions of each level that you can unblock. But wait, there are more surprises! The last installment of the series includes a special gaming mode called the Challenge Room. Keep reading to find out more!

How to Play

Let's get the hang of the controls! As you might know from other platform games, you can move the protagonist by using the Left and Right arrow keys. To jump, you can press the Up arrow. If you feel more comfortable, you can also use the W, A, S, and D keys. Choose whichever you like!

The first step you need to take is to look around the scene. While your character is not moving, click and drag to understand the layout of the level. Do you notice all the moving platforms and lethal weapons? Find a way to get past them from one checkpoint to another. The flags are very helpful, as they allow you to replay the most difficult parts of each level as many times as you want!

All the colored blocks around you serve different purposes. If you need to jump high, look for an orange one to propel your character. Be careful when it comes to the purple blocks! They will drop as soon as you touch them. There are also brown blocks, which you can move to help you get around. How cool!

What else you should know

Can you adapt to all the different types of obstacles? This latest installment of the series puts a lot of emphasis on swinging ropes and pendulums. However, all the classic weapons in the Vex games are still present. Therefore, your stick-man can get crushed, sawed, or spiked. His survival depends on your patience and reflexes! 

Take advantage of all the different environments in the game! You will come across water, ice, and even glass. Did you know that you can swim? What is more, if you don't get out of the water in time, you pose the risk of drowning, Yikes! 

As previously mentioned, this latest game in the Vex series introduces a Challenge Room. It consists of a 30 level marathon, including the most lethal obstacles in the entire game. They will require your utmost concentration!

If you want to prove that you are a Vex master, you must persevere and complete the game. The key is to be patient, wait, and watch each obstacle. This way, you can gain as many trophies as you can, become a swifter player, and sharpen your reflexes!

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