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Play God's Playing Field game and unleash your creativity, smashing stickmen and objects with various tools! Get money to try new items and have fun!

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About God's Playing Field Game

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God's Playing Field is a funny game where you'll find yourself in a unique and imaginative world. You'll start off in heaven, seeking help from God himself, but you'll end up playing a game on God's computer. It's a world filled with stickmen, witches, cars, and more, setting the stage for quite a funny adventure.

Your role is to play "God's Playing Field" on the computer. The objective is to use different tools to smash various characters and objects that appear on the screen. As you progress, you earn points and money, which allow you to unlock and purchase more powerful tools. Your ultimate goal is to save enough money to buy the most powerful tool in the game, the nuke, and use it to win the game.

How to Play

The game is super easy to control - all you need is your mouse. With a point and click, you can navigate through the game, choose your targets, and use your smashing tools.

First, you get to decide how many enemies you want – one, five, or ten – but remember, too many can slow the game down! Then, you'll start your adventure on a green playing field that appears on your screen. Here, various characters like stickmen, witches, and cars show up. Your first challenge is to use a giant fist, which is your initial tool, to smash these characters. Simply click on the first icon and then click on everything that moves to crush them.

As you continue to play, you'll collect money for each character you smash. This money is crucial because it's what you use to buy new attacking tools from the store.

The store has a variety of items, each with different powers and costs. For instance, you can buy a Spinning Scythe, Lightning Strike, or even a Poison Cloud, each costing $5,000. More powerful tools like the Tidal Wave or the ultimate Nuke, which costs $100,000, are available as you earn more money.

Each tool you purchase brings a new way to play and enjoy the game. They add variety and increase the fun as you test them out on the different characters on the field.

What else you should know

The more you play and smash, the more money you make and the more tools you can buy, keeping the game fresh and exciting at every turn.

A good tip is to start with fewer enemies to avoid lag and gradually increase them as you get the hang of the game. Keep an eye on your earnings so you know when you can afford the next big tool. 

Ready to take on the challenge? Dive into the game, plan your moves, and see how fast you can unlock the nuke. It's a fun journey to see how effective you can be. Enjoy the adventure!