Hulk Melee

Play the Hulk Melee game and use the Gamma Rays to turn Bruce Banner into Hulk. Can you punch all the other Hulks out of the arena and prove your strength?

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About Hulk Melee Game

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Get ready for some super-powered fun with the Hulk Melee game! This exciting game takes you on an adventure where you transform from Bruce Banner into the mighty Hulk and have a smashing good time! You get to choose between two amazing places to play - the mysterious forest or the wide-open desert.

In this game, you play as Bruce Banner, but you can become the incredible Hulk by picking up glowing Gamma Rays. Your mission is to punch the other Hulks out of the arena before they punch you. Remember, the more Hulks you punch, the more fun you have!

How to Play

First things first, let's learn how to move and punch! Here's how to control your hero:

- Arrow Keys: Move around.

- Spacebar: Punch.

To start playing, you get to choose if you want to play alone or with other players. Playing alone means you'll fight against computer Hulks. But if you want to play with others, you can fight against Hulks controlled by other human players. Then, you get to pick where you want to fight - in the big green forest or in the hot, sunny desert.

The real fun starts when you find a Gamma Ray! These are special because they can turn Bruce Banner into the big, strong Hulk! If you see one, try to pick it up as fast as you can. When you're Hulk, you can punch other Hulks out of the arena and earn lots of points.

What else you should know

Remember, even the Hulk has to be careful! If another Hulk punches you out of the arena, you will lose a life and turn back into Bruce Banner. But don't worry, you can always find another Gamma Ray to become Hulk again! Just remember to keep moving and dodge those punches.

One more thing - you only have 3 lives in this game. That means if you lose all of them, the game will end. So try your best to avoid getting punched too many times and stay as Hulk for as long as you can!

Well, that's all you need to know for now. Remember, the key is to use those Gamma Rays and turn into Hulk as quickly as you can, then punch your way to victory! This game will make you feel just like a real superhero. So, get ready, set, and start your super exciting Hulk adventure!