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Discover your hidden, more powerful side with Hulk Games! Learn how to keep Bruce Banner's otherwordly powers under control and use them to fight evil!

Get ready to turn green with anger!

If you go on an adventure with the green hero of the Hulk Games, you'll find that everybody has two sides! Inspired by the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby came up with a comic book character that isn't all good or bad. Luckily, this made fans like him even more! All misfits and outcasts related to Bruce Banner's story, as many people feel they have two conflicting sides. It's up to you to decide which one wins!

As a result, Hulk has been inspiring fans everywhere since 1962. The public seems to always root for an imperfect, flawed hero. Consequently, the creators of Hulk were brave enough to trust that the public would understand their complex character. Luckily, the bet paid off! 

The series centers on the journey of an introverted scientist who gains a second personality after exposure to gamma rays. As a result, whenever the scientist feels intense anger, he turns into a green mutant of impressive size and strength. As you can imagine, this creature is impulsive and unpredictable. Bruce's mission is to keep both his egos under control as he tries to use his powers for the good of humankind.

This green hero's unlikely charm makes him one of Marvel's most popular heroes. The result was a plethora of toys, video games, and movies that are released even these days! In addition, Hulk is one of the founding members of the Avengers, a group of superheroes that team up to fight supervillains. How impressive!

Meet all of Bruce's egos!

Doctor Bruce Banner started his journey as a famed physicist, fascinated by gamma radiation. His bright mind and dedication to science even made the United States Government hire him! However, his life hadn't been easy. Sadly, his dad abused him and killed his mum. The trauma made little Bruce create an imaginary pal. Can you guess his name?

Despite his past, Bruce Banner's life was ordinary before the accident. Unfortunately, while developing the Gamma Bomb, a kid broke into the facility. Trying to save his life, Bruce exposed himself to the radiation and became Hulk, a giant green mutant.

With his superhuman powers and immense strength, Hulk is an asset in any battle. However, his impulsive and unpredictable nature makes him almost impossible to control. Out of all emotions, anger is what drives him most. In other words, the angrier he gets, the bigger his strength. However, you always risk him going wild against his own team!

Grey Hulk, also known as Joe Fixit, is another of Bruce's egos. With the mindset of a teenager, this mutant comes to light when our hero is stressed. This moody hero can be ruthless and calculated, unlike his green version. What is more, he gets more powerful at full moon!

Trying to find a perfect formula to combine his different egos, Bruce's psychiatrist came up with Doc Green. This alternate ego mixes Banner's intelligence with the attitude of Grey Hulk and Green Hulk's body. Can you believe that this incarnation is the largest? In this state, Banner has the most control over his powers.

Train your body and mind with Hulk Games!

With so many different personalities to deal with, it's no wonder that Banner doesn't need a lot of company. At the same time, Banner has to train hard to keep them under control due to the unstable nature of his powers. Only a strong mind can control a strong body!

If you like to see his massive power in action, join him for his sessions. Play games like The Incredible Hulk: Chitauri Takedown to smash foes and be more agile!

With a lot of hard work and help from his team of Avengers, Banner has managed to use his powers to fight against scary foes. When dealing with such ruthless enemies, sometimes the best strategy is the use of massive, brutal force. In these situations, Bruce channels his anger and uses all of Green Hulk's power to crush his enemies. You can take a hint and learn how to use your flaws to your advantage in thrilling battles like the Hulk VS game!

It's impossible to get bored with Hulk, as you always deal with someone else. Because you never know who you're going to get, you should be ready for surprises. Besides, you have to be smart to adapt to the strengths and skills of each form. If you think you are ingenious enough, take on a mission as an alter ego. You'll even play as some of Hulk's family or his biggest rival in the Gamma Storm Smash game!

You can embark on an action-packed journey centered on a fascinating hero with Hulk Games! Banner's complex personality and powerful egos will fascinate fans of all ages. Besides, Hulk teaches them that identifying and controlling your emotions makes you strong. It's such a good lesson!

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