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Play the role of a famous patriotic superhero in The Avengers: Captain America game! Run as fast as you can, defeat enemies and find Red Skull!

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Accompany your favorite superhero in a wild chase that will lead you to his archenemy in The Avengers: Captain America game! I am sure you have already heard about Steve Rogers, the former American fighter with supernatural powers. Thanks to his Vibranium shield and the abilities granted by the Super-Soldier serum, he is almost invincible. However, even he needs a helping hand in some of his missions, and this is where you come in!

This time, you have a long and complicated mission ahead. You need to gather intel regarding Red Skull's location, and even defeat him in a face to face confrontation! Do you think that Captain America's tactical skills and strength can lead him to success? Join him for an exciting platform game that will certainly keep you glued to the keyboard for hours!

Keep up with the pace and roll with the punches!

The gameplay will be easy to figure out, especially since it's incredibly similar to other platform games. Your hero will run continuously, so I hope you can keep up with Captain America's super speed! During the race, you need to gather intel regarding Red Skull's location and battle any enemies that you might encounter. Once you have gathered enough information, you will be able to move on to the next level and continue your pursuit for the infamous Red Skull. Get ready to jump over skyscrapers, explore forests, and sneak through top-secret laboratories! There's even a terrifying encounter with the Captain's archenemy!

You need to make the best of your hero's supernatural abilities to succeed! Use the up arrow to jump over obstacles. Press it twice to increase the height and get past more challenging obstacles! If you want to dash through enemies, use the right arrow on your keyboard. You can even combine the two commands to create a jumping attack! If you decide you would rather dodge the enemies instead of fighting them, use Captain's Vibranium shield to roll through by pressing the down arrow. Use these features to reach the pieces of intel, represented by orbs marked with Captain America's symbol. They will definitely take you closer to Red Skull's location!

The help of friends will become instrumental!

Make sure you move fast and pay close attention! Each time you hit a wall or get wounded by an enemy, you lose one of your lives. What is more, even hitting the obstacles will deal a certain amount of damage to your character! If you waste all three lives of your hero, you will need to start over the current stage of your mission. However, once you have successfully gathered all the intel on a certain level, you can choose to move on to the next or keep playing. Take the remaining lives into account when you make a decision!

This mission is riddled with many enemies that can overwhelm even the strong and brave Captain America. Luckily, your Avenger friends can come to your rescue if you find yourself in a sticky situation. Gather the special orbs, then press space when you come across a large group of opponents. You will see them get obliterated by one of your favorite superheroes!

The end of your mission will bring a considerable challenge to the table. Red Skull is waiting to battle his most feared opponent, Captain America. What is more, he has a helicopter, missiles, and bombs that he is willing to use against you! Be strong and find a brilliant tactic to defeat him!