LEGO Marvel The Avengers: Thor

Try the LEGO Marvel The Avengers: Thor game to defeat Loki and get the Tesseract. Use Thunder God's powers to destroy the alien army and save the world!

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About LEGO Marvel The Avengers: Thor Game

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Here's what happened in the LEGO Marvel The Avengers: Thor game. The evil Asgardian god Loki has stolen the Tesseract, and his brother, The God of Thunder, needs to get it back. However, Loki has an army that obeys its every command and will not give up the Tesseract so easily! Can you join Thor in his efforts and stop Loki?

Your job is to bring down every alien warrior that might get in your way! However, they are well-trained, and Thor might get hurt if you're not careful. Do you think you're the right person to join him and retrieve the Tesseract from Loki?

How to Play

Bringing down an alien army is no easy task, so you should learn the controls! Here is a list of everything you should know:

 - Left and Right arrow keys: Move around.

 - Up arrow key: Jump.

 - Spacebar: Attack.

 - Hold Spacebar: Lightning strike.

Depending on your enemy's position, Thor can cast different attacks. For example, he can perform a high strike if he needs to take down an alien using a floating machine or use his lightning powers to strike foes from afar.

On your way, you should try and grab loads of points. They look like red lego parts, they float, so they are hard to miss. Also, you can acquire points by taking down enemies, and you can also build a combo to increase their value! However, if you get hit, the strike will break!

Each time enemies hit you, Thor's health meter will go down, and you will get slowed down if it goes to zero. Also, Loki is sturdier than any other alien and will have a substantial health meter! You should use Thor's Lightning Strike to perform a special attack if your enemies are too much to handle! However, you can use it only a few times per game!

Is everything clear before you start your journey? If so, let's run alongside Thor and get ready to smash loads of aliens and bring down Loki!