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Create a city with the Lego City Adventures: Build and Protect game! Can you help out Mayor Solomon Fleck keep the people of Lego City happy and healthy?

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Don't miss out on the Lego City Adventures: Build and Protect game if you have ever wanted to build a city from scratch! Have you ever wanted to design the entire layout of a city? Now you have the chance to practice your skills when it comes to urbanism. Besides, you'll get to hang out with your favorite characters from the Lego franchise!

Everything built out of lego bricks is much better! You have the opportunity to play around with all the colorful elements and decide what goes where. Meet Mayor Solomon Fleck! He will help you design an impressive and profitable Lego City! You'll have a blast developing your city in this world!

The structure of this game helps you get limitless fun! The city will run for as long as you want to play, generating coins that help you build even more awesome buildings. Besides, plenty of events will keep you on your feet! Are you ready to spend hours creating your city?

How to Play

Luckily, you don't need any building skills! Every action is just a few mouse clicks away. To create a new construction is to pick one of the empty lots in Lego City by selecting it! Next, check if you have the necessary blocks. If so, click again to get started with the construction! 

There are some buildings you need to place before you get started with anything else. Have you listened to the advice of the mayor? The safety of your citizens comes first! Therefore, start by placing a Police Station and a Fire Station at the center of your city.

Next, it's time to generate some money! Places such as donut shops, aquariums, game shops, and prisons will bring valuable coins to the city's treasury. However, you will need to invest first, to dig for bricks and speed up the construction work. Can you make smart choices and devise a strategy?

There's more you should know!

One of the most exciting parts of the game is looking for all the bricks you need! Click on the shovel icon at the bottom right corner to go on an expedition! Here, you will face a grid of mystery block. Can you find all the elements you need with just 15 moves?

Each click will uncover one of the squares in the layout. Once you have found a piece of the brick, follow its shape! Clicking on the adjacent squares will expose the entire item. 

Expect the unexpected! Being mayor of a busy city means dealing with all sorts of crises. Has a building caught on fire? What about a burglary? Make sure you arrive at the scene as fast as you can by navigating the map and heading to the site of the accident! Next, follow the instructions to save the day and become a hero of your city!

Isn't it fun to watch a whole world develop and grow before your eyes? Make sure you collect the gold! It allows you to continue building your city and upgrade to better lots. They introduce new types of buildings and even more types of bricks.

Aren't you excited to see how far your city can go?