Boat-o-Cross 3

Enter the race in the Boat-o-Cross 3 game alongside TMNT, SpongeBob, and other Nick characters! Keep the balance of your bizarre vehicle to be a champion!

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With the Boat-o-Cross 3 game, you can test your driving skills in the company of your favorite Nickelodeon characters! Enjoy the colorful and creative backgrounds as you race one of the most eccentric vehicles you have ever seen! Are you ready to join the Fairly OddParents, SpongeBob, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? 

The catch about this exciting racing game is balance! You need to find the right equilibrium between the speed and the direction of your ride. Get ready for breath-taking backgrounds with seemingly impossible obstacles! Are you brave enough to face them, perform tricks, while also collecting the bonus keys? Everything relies on your ability and sense of balance. 

Pick a boat and a course!

The first step of the game is to prepare your unique racing boat. Despite the name, keep in mind that the base of your vehicle can be anything! From a blue van to a bright pink narwhal, pick something that makes you smile.

Continue by choosing a wheel design that goes along with your vision. Donuts and pizza are some funny options you might want to try. Next, go ahead and pick out a character that can drive your masterpiece to the finish line!

Are you ready to decide on a course? You have the opportunity to get a taste of the unique and strange world in multiple Nickelodeon series. Are you excited about the Jellyfish Fields, Loud House Mansion, TMNT Rooftops, and the Skywhale Heights? You can try them all right away with this fun game.

What is more, you can choose the difficulty of your challenge with a single click. Just pick out one of the four numbers underneath each course. Naturally, I recommend that you start with the easiest one and work your way up to more challenging races!

Drive with care and skill to succeed!

It's time for the fun part: let's learn how to drive. You can use the Up and Down arrows to move your vehicle forward and backward. However, you should keep in mind that this is no usual race! There are many ramps and steep hills between you and the finish line. Are you ready to face them?

The key to winning is to tilt your vehicle appropriately. It's easy to crash your car or tumble it around the course. Therefore, use the Left and Right Arrows to avoid starting over!

However, if you think you are stuck, you can restart on purpose! Just press the Space Bar if you want another shot at the perfect race. It's pretty neat, right?

You can also earn extra points by performing cool tricks and stunts. For instance, you can use speed and momentum to flip over as you head towards a ramp. It's so exciting when everything goes as planned!

Ready, steady, go! Are you prepared to be brave and steady-handed? It's the only way to earn a high score and win!

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