Join Michelangelo in the Turtleportation game! His playful and curious personality got him in trouble again, so help him complete his missions!

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The youngest of the Ninja Turtles is up to something again in the Turtleportation game! After seeing that nobody is in the lab, he decided to look around and press shiny buttons. Oh dear! This not only caused chaos, but Michelangelo is now in a completely different place - where challenges await, and enemies are lurking.

Play as Mikey in the most thrilling adventures and return to the lab. Someone has to get the situation back to normal, and you are the only one who can do so! You will go through various quests, so be alert at all times.

Michelangelo is on the move!

The only controller you will need in your journey is the mouse to move, shoot, dodge, and attack. You can play in Story Mode for a more dynamic adventure, or you can choose Free Play.

The latter offers 20 separate games to be played in whatever order you wish. You will be taken to numerous areas, such as the rooftops, sewers, and even alternate dimensions.

The goal of the game is to complete all the challenges and finish with a high score! One of the most exciting levels is defeating the Mousers before they destroy the water tower. Are you fast enough? You have five chances in total to finish all the games, and you lose one once you get hit.

Every now and then, you are going to spot some pizza slices. Since they are Mikey’s favorite food, grab them to restore one of the five lives. Make sure you collect them all!

You can achieve a higher score if you defeat multiple enemies in a row. This will boost your score as you advance and even give you another life!

Become a Ninja Turtle and help Michelangelo make up for his mistake! And never forget - do not touch everything you see in a lab, or you’ll get in serious trouble!