Trick or Treat Tussle

Play the Trick or Treat Tussle game to join the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the spooky night of Halloween! Can you catch all the baddies?

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Accompany Raph, Leo, Don, and Mikey in the Trick or Treat Tussle game for a scary and exciting experience! Can you believe that even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles celebrate Halloween? They love all the candy, costumes, and silly pranks.

However, this year, something went wrong! The baddies are giving out candy infected with dangerous mutagens.  Can you grab all the perilous sweets before it's too late and save Halloween? The whole city needs the help of the turtles, and you are their leader! 

Enjoy a retro experience joined by your favorite turtles! 

This game has a very classic, nostalgic feeling. However, its bright graphics and vibrant characters make for a dynamic and exciting experience. If you are a fan of the vintage game Snake, you will surely enjoy this!

It consists of a series of levels of increasing difficulty. You start on the Easy setting, but you get the chance to unlock challenging levels by advancing through the game. Your goal is to navigate the scene while collecting candy and banishing enemies. Pretty straightforward, right? 

Time to learn how to play. Your group of turtles will attack enemies automatically as long as they are within reach. Use the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys to move around the given background. Make sure you enjoy the diverse backgrounds, as your missions will take you to different parts of the city!

What is more, the design of each level is different and challenges your speed of reaction. Don't bump into the walls and borders of the screen unless you want the game to end!

Tips and tricks to reach a high score

Now that you have a hang of the basics, it's time to become a pro! The key to your success in each level is to gain all the candy to score points. Sometimes you will have to search for it, but other times you will have to fight a group of baddies for the precious sweets. Just navigate your group of turtles past them to launch an imminent attack!

What is more, keep an eye out for allies waiting to join your party! They will make your group stronger but also faster. Can you handle the extra speed?

If you reach the final difficulty level, you can call yourself a real pro! All you need to do is collect 10, respectively 25 candies before crashing into a wall, an enemy, or yourself. Sounds easy as pie, but you will soon find that this game is more challenging and exciting than it first seems! 

Let's have a blast with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!