Mega Mutant Battle

The Teenage Ninjas are calling for you in the Mega Mutant Battle Game! Win their gratitude and friendship by helping them against Bebop and Rocksteady!

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About Mega Mutant Battle Game

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Teenage Ninja Mutants are here to save the day in this Mega Mutant Battle Game! Bebop and Rocksteady struck again, but they are nowhere to be found. Our heroes started looking in every dark ally and hidden corner of New York. Still, only evil and mischief arise from these forgotten places.

This task proves to be one that will mark their lives forever. The aim is not only to purge New York of treachery and mischief but also to learn, grow, and find their personal strengths? Will you accompany them on their journey?

How to Play

The game is quite straightforward; you will only need the mouse to win the battles. Your team is made of two Ninja Turtles, whoever you fancy the most.

You will initially fight against Rocksteady's FootBots, skilled assassins hired to make sure you don't get out alive. The battle itself it's really just a matter of coordination and chance. When the light hits the marked area, click the mouse. Strive for a Critical Hit and cause more damage to your opponent.

Whether your enemy will hit or miss, it's a matter of chance. All you can do is pray and switch between your characters to the more skilfull/lucky one.

Choose your characters based on their skills. Don't linger too much, though. Every once in a while, after a victorious battle, you get to upgrade your character's abilities. Higher Speed means that our fellow will hit the critical point more often. You may also improve Luck, to make sure the enemy misses more than just once.

The defense is about when the FootBot actually hits, but you can withstand his attacks longer. You can also choose to stop being defensive and increase your Attack abilities or learn a New Move.

Final words

Watch our beloved characters grow and become more mature and more independent while fighting their way through the ten levels of the game. With each battle won, your expertise grows. Once you reach 1000, you advance to the next level.

Unfortunately, in life, we often stand alone in the most critical moments. Our beloved Ninjas will need to split up and struggle on their own, before reuniting in the last level to fight the final bosses: Bebop and Rocksteady!