Skewer in the Sewer

Organize an excellent TMNT barbeque party with the Skewer in the Sewer game! Gather all the team members and make as much food as you can to feed everyone!

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The Ninja Turtles team decided to reward their hard work with a fantastic barbeque. In the Skewer in the Sewer game, you are the one who is responsible for the food. Play as any of your favorite characters: Don, Raph, Leo, Mikey, April, or Casey, and use your reaction speed to fill skewers!

As the food is a very precious item in the Turtle home, you should be careful when preparing the skewers. Make sure you don’t include foul items and finish all the servings in time! Everyone is counting on you.

Nothing is more pleasing than a grand meal with your friends!

To complete your tasks, you only need your mouse. Click, hold, and move it through the food items to catch them on your skewers. Anything from pizza slices, ice cream, sausages, and tomatoes are good to eat, but avoid the red tuna cans at all costs! These will take away one point every time you touch them because nobody likes tuna in this house.

Three modes are available for you to play. In the Normal one, you have four chances to make the food before you lose. With every tuna can that you touch, you lose a life. There is no countdown timer to be worried about, so take your sweet time and be careful what you catch! Moreover, you will see a mission at the top of the screen. This will bring you bonus points and guarantee your win.

The Practice mode is the one we suggest you try first. It will help you adjust to the game, and you can quit whenever you want!

While the first two modes seemed quite easy to complete, the Arcade Mode is by far the most challenging one. It has a mission, just like the first level, but you must respect a timer of one and a half minutes. You can make as many mistakes as you wish, as there is a lot of food coming at once.

Finish the game with the highest score!

The usual items, such as ice cream or pizza, will bring you only one point, while the pink juice will bring you two. You can multiply your score with consecutive good catches, or with the drink.

You are going to notice some beautiful snowflakes occasionally. It may seem weird for such a thing to be among foods, but it’s here to help you! Once you hit it, the items will come at a slower pace for some time. Take advantage of it and skew as much as you can!

Develop your reaction speed and gain a high result with a fun game for those who are always hungry!