Mikey's Day Off

It is the youngster's turn to do the chores in TMNT: Mikey's Day Off game. But he has other plans, so help him annoy everyone in the house!

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It’s just another leisure day for the Ninja Turtles. Today, Mikey is responsible for cleaning the house, but he wants to make something fun out of it in Mikey’s Day Off game. He needs you to transform the home into his very own playground, so search for every target possible and get throwing!

Michelangelo is currently sorting out the office trash, which is mainly paper. As he looked at the crumpled paper, he began thinking of a unique target tossing game. Everyone else is way too relaxed, minding their own business, so how about you turn them into your targets?

Train your aim to perfection!

You have an endless amount of paper balls and no timer to respect, so don’t worry about these limitations. Just take your time and be careful when lining up your paper balls. To do so, hold your mouse button, direct it towards your target, and release it!

Before shooting your projectiles, consider two things: the distance they are at and the power of the fan. The latter can either help you or sabotage you. You just have to get used to its influence. If it’s in the low mode, it won’t affect your throw by much. But if it’s at the maximum speed, then you should toss very hard in the opposite direction.

Your main goal is making the highest score possible. The number of points you can get may vary depending on the targets you manage to hit. Hence, shooting casual objects, like popcorn, pizza box, trashcan, or plant, will give you one point each.

On the other hand, hitting the other turtles, April or Splinter, can bring you two points. The most precious target is the ancient gong, and it resides in the Dojo.

Keep in mind that once you miss a throw, your score will go back to zero. You should avoid hitting the robot that Don is fixing in the Kitchen, or else you lose. As you advance to the other unlocked locations, the fan will get stronger, making the levels harder to complete.

Help Mikey make a fun activity out of doing chores and score as many points as you can!