Deck'd Out

It's just another day off for the Ninja Turtles in the Deck'd Out game. Robots are waiting to ruin their leisure time, so destroy them to get home safely!

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The Ninja Turtles are known for battling enemies day and night. But now it is finally time for them to take some time off and skate on the crowded streets in the Deck’d Out game. What free time, though? The evil Footbots are after them again! Use the boys’ skateboards to perform complicated tricks and get home faster.

You can look cool on a deck with any of your favorite characters! Don, Raph, Leo, and Mikey can’t wait to show off their skills while defeating their rivals. It’s a long way back home, but be careful until you reach the sewage lids.

Learn how to control your Teenage Turtles!

There is no hard combination you need to remember. The Up and Down arrow keys make your turtle of choice move left and right. You also need to click on the screen when the time comes to perform stunts. To attack your target, stand behind them, and press the Spacebar.

Your journey will be long and complicated, but not impossible. The turtles will pass various districts from China Town, Water Front, Central Park, and Lower East Side.

You have three chances to finish each level. The robots and failed tricks will take one away from you, but the slices of pizza that you are going to see can give you a life back. Other collectibles include the other members’ badges, which will make you switch characters, and also special attacks, such as Shuriken sets.

A lot of ramps are placed on the streets. You shouldn’t avoid them, as they bring extra points to your final score. If you are not fast enough to master them, you should pass them.

Every time you get on a ramp, you have to smash a button on the screen to perform a special trick. But when it comes to larger slopes, you will have to click on a combination of symbols. 

Prepare to fight the most dangerous bosses!

Enemies come from both the front and back, so be aware of your surroundings at all times. Your greatest rivals haven’t arrived yet, though. The Footbots are extremely weak, compared to the four bosses you will encounter: Tiger Claw, Fishface, Kraang, and Shredder.

These creatures have five lives and are very persistent with their attacks. Shredder can even regenerate and shield his body, so you should strike everyone while they’re still dizzy from your last hit.

After you’ve become familiar with the game and your goals, you can check out the Achievements list. It is entirely optional to complete, as the quests range from defeating a simple robot to accomplishing a hard ramp. 

Combine the joy of skateboarding with the duty of being a hero in this fantastic game! Make sure you avoid all obstacles and get rid of your opponents before returning home.