Collect and Conquer

Recover the missing containers and take them to the lab in the Collect and Conquer game! Play as Raph, Don, Mikey, or Leo to defeat the malicious thieves!

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A lot of containers are missing from the lab, and all four of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are responsible for bringing them back. Enjoy the Collect and Conquer game and give them a hand! You can choose to play with any of your favorite characters: Raph, Don, Mikey, or Leo. But be wise and consider their abilities before you do!

The turtles vary in terms of speed and force, though they compensate where it's possible. Thus, if they are pretty slow, their attack must be quite powerful. You have to explore three different areas through various levels in search of the lost objects!

Become a warrior and "do it like a turtle do"!

The first step you need to follow is choosing who you want to play with! You can pick your favorite character from the series, or you can check out their individual skills. Their power differs because they all use different weapons.

For example, Raph is the strongest using his pair of Ninja Sais. He can kill enemies with just one hit! Meanwhile, Don and Leo are the most balanced with their abilities.

Now you should pick where you want to roam the hallways. Lair and Tcri are relatively easy to conquer, but you need to finish these two before playing Dimension. The last one is the hardest, with the most enemies to defeat!

The controllers are as easy as ever! To move your turtle, use the Left, Right, Up, and Down arrow keys. For launching an attack, press the Spacebar and watch your rival get weak.

For each level, you have to complete three goals: collect containers, conquer robots, and consider a specific timer. These numbers go higher as you finish more stages.

Keep an eye out for the traps!

The evil robots have placed traps that are meant to harm your fighter. Watch out for any spilled barrels, as they were filled with toxic fluids, mines, and electric floor passages! They do not lower your health bar by much, but you should avoid them. 

You should keep in mind that it's game over once your health meter is zero or you run out of time. But you can pick up bonus items to help you through your journey! The pizza boxes will restore some of your health, while the clocks will give you extra time to finish the level.

After each stage, you can view your top three high scores. Give it everything you've got to reach exceptional results! Try to collect all the missing containers and bring them back to the lab before it is too late!