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You can have your own band with awesome Nickelodeon characters in the Nick Music Maker game. Experiment with the musicians until you get the best sound!

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If you feel like the music on the radio does not meet your standards, it's time to make your own in the Nick Music Maker game. Your favorite characters have gathered all their musical knowledge to form a band. Unfortunately, they cannot do that on their own. They need somebody to guide them and decide whether their sound is right. 

Because you are their friend, you have to give them a hand. You should use your perfect pitch to decide who is going to play what. Without your musical expertise, the result might sound like a bunch of amateurs who know nothing at all. 

How to Play 

Usually, making music involves lots of things. Instruments, musicians, special equipment, and the list goes on for quite a while. It is a very fortunate thing that in this game, the only tool you will need is your trusty mouse. 

First, you will need to select the musical characters. Each of them is special in their own way. You should try them out beforehand to see if they have got what you are looking for.

Before going for the lead singer, you should make up the band. To do that, click and drag any character onto one hovering device. Once they are sitting on it, the musician will start to sing. You can play around with them until you think you are satisfied with how everything sounds.

There's more you should know!

Having only musical instruments in a song, though, is not all. The last thing to add to your tune is the lead vocals. You must think this one through well first. You should try to imagine who's voice would sound the best. Then, you can pick that character and drop them on the treble clef. That will open up a whole new display.

You will see that it is not enough just to pick the vocals and expect them to do all the hard work. You are the one who will decide how they will sing. Simply experiment around by placing the squares in the assigned places. In turn, that will create some repeated sounds that can turn into music! 

You will have a lovely time experimenting around with the sounds. Musicians do that a lot too!