Soccer Stars 2

Sports are a piece of cake in the Soccer Star 2 game because the Nickelodeon characters are here to help. Be the first one to score five goals to win!

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About Soccer Stars 2 Game

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There is a sports tournament going in the Soccer Stars 2 game among the best Nickelodeon characters. They all have prepared their best sports gear and are ready to play their best. But, it is not enough to be well prepared, they will also need to have a great coach to teach them how to play. Do you think that you are up for the challenge?

The usual soccer rules still apply. Namely, the primary purpose is to send the ball into your opponent's goalpost. Which eventually turns out is not as easily done as said. In the same manner, you also get to dispossess the other player from the ball. 

How to Play

This competition does require some tools. Because you will need to move swiftly across all the designated game area, you should use the arrows on the keyboard. They will enable you to move with greater ease, to score better, more spectacular goals! 

Sometimes, during the game, you might not have the privileged position of having the ball. But, instead, you are running to get it. If your opponent is the one in control, you can always take it away from him. Simply press the SpaceBar button when you would like to take away the ball from your adversary. 

Conversely, if you have the ball already, you can press the Space Bar to shoot it. It would be for the best, though, if you did that when facing the opponent's goalpost. Otherwise, you are just risking losing the ball for nothing!

What else you should know

Each Nickelodeon character has some unique superpower. For example, SpongeBob has a Guided Shot. This means that once he kicks the ball, it will direct itself straight into the target. Patrick Star, another example, can attract the ball from the opponent! 

For the full experience, you should try out every player and find one you like better than the rest. Then you could start the Championship. There you have to play many soccer games that get more difficult as you pass them. 

Soccer has become way more captivating than ever before!

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