Hide 'N' Go Milk

Play the Hide 'N' Go Milk game and help Otis serve milk to the party-animals! Explore the area, fulfill all the orders, and try not to get spotted!

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About Hide 'N' Go Milk Game

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Join the farm animals for the biggest party of all time in the Hide 'N' Go Milk game! Otis is serving drinks at the event but needs some help keeping his friends happy. Will you lend him a hand as he grabs all the bottles and passes them out to his cute buddies? If so, start exploring because there's no time to lose!

Let's keep the party rocking! Your job is to navigate the area and grab enough milk to serve your friends. Just be careful because time goes by at a fast pace! Will you be able to complete the challenge and earn enough points before sunrise?

How to Play

Before beginning the challenge, you should learn all about the basics! Here are the controls:

 - Left and Right arrow keys: Go left or right.

 - Up arrow key: Jump.

 - Down arrow key: Crouch or give the bottles.

 - Spacebar: Switch to cow position.

Are you ready to join Otis and keep the party going until the morning? If so, you must take a look at the orders coming from the barn and find the correct milk bottles. Keep in mind that there are three kinds you will come across: whole, berry, and chocolate! You can collect the bottles and return them to the barn for points or dispose of them in the bin.

The party will be over if Mrs. Beady sees you, so be sure to watch out for her! If you notice her coming closer, simply switch to the cow position or run away from the spotlights. However, your bottles will break if you transform Otis into a farm animal.

What else you should know

Remember that the sooner you bring the bottles to the barn, the higher your score will be! If you see the orders quickly enough, rush to grab the milk, and you'll reach your target in no time. However, if you're late, it will be much more difficult to complete the mission before time is up!

The power lines are bouncy like a trampoline, so you can use them to jump even higher! This way, you'll be able to collect unique items, including party hats or even some of your friends like Otis or Pip. They will give you useful power-ups such as extra tries, additional time, and bonus points!

It's time to start the party and hand out the milk bottles! Can you help your friend from Back at the Barnyard explore the area and complete all orders before sunrise?