Rip Roarin' Rodent

Play the Rip Roarin' Rodent game and help Otis test his new machine! Are you ready to aim and throw Pip in the air to see how far away he reaches?

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About Rip Roarin' Rodent Game

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Improve your aim and practice your throw in the Rip Roarin' Rodent game! Otis has created an unusual new machine and is ready to test it out. However, he needs your help to launch the rodent into the air together. Are you ready to showcase your strength by using the chopper and assisting your cute friend?

Your goal for this mission is to throw Pip as far away as possible! However, there are many obstacles along the way, so you must find ways to keep him going. If the little mouse hits any objects, he'll stop traveling! Will you be able to set a new record together?

How to Play

Let's see how far you can make it! To begin with, just click on the screen, and you'll launch Pip into the air. Afterward, you can tap again or use the Space bar to boost him further away. That sounds very straightforward, right?

It's time to test the chopper! This challenge is all about tossing, so the rules are easy to follow. Your job here is to make Pip bounce off everything on the farm after throwing him into the air. For each object he runs into, you'll earn some points. 

The obstacles you'll find ahead include piles of hay, buildings, trees, and more. However, you should try to avoid these items, or the mission might end early! If you hit too many of them, Pip will lose all altitude and start heading toward the floor. You wouldn't want that to happen, right?

After launching the rodent, you can boost him to reach even further away. However, you can only use this trick once. Do your best to time your movements right, and you'll earn a high score!

Are you ready to join Otis and Pip for this thrilling new adventure? If so, use the new chopper to throw the mouse far away and try to see where he lands! The further your friend reaches, the higher your score will be at the end of the mission.