Otis' Chopper Challenge

Try the Otis' Chopper Challenge game and go against the evil coyotes! Join the race, show off your speed, and avoid all the obstacles to become the winner!

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About Otis' Chopper Challenge Game

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Join an adrenaline-packed race and show your agility in the Otis' Chopper Challenge game! Dag and his pack of coyotes are headed to the barnyard. Now, Otis must defend his friends and put an end to the hungry carnivores' plan. Will you lend him a hand and stop the villains before they reach their destination?

Hop on the chopper, and let's get going! Your job is to catch up to the pickup trucks and collect as many yellow road signs as possible along the way. However, there are many obstacles on the ground, so you must be careful not to damage your bike! Can you make it to the end and stop the coyotes from taking over the barnyard?

How to Play

Let's get on the road and follow the villains' trail! The only tool you must use for this challenge is your keyboard. Press the Up and Down Arrows to control the chopper and change lanes. Afterward, all you need to do is watch out for any dangers ahead!

Are you ready to join Otis for this thrilling race? Step on the pedal and do your best to catch up to the vehicles the coyotes are riding in! There are three in total, and you must stop all the cars before you manage to defend the barnyard. Just keep your eyes on the road, and see how far you can reach!

For your first move, you must select a difficulty between the two options: Milk Maid and Cow-a-Bunga. However, it's best to start with the first one and get used to the race. When you're prepared, you can always switch to Cow-a-Bunga mode, which is even faster and more challenging.

What else you should know

Keep in mind that you should avoid all obstacles ahead if you want to keep gaining speed! Each time you hit an object on the ground, you'll go slower, and the gap between you and the coyotes will increase. Additionally, if the chopper sustains too much damage, it's game over! You wouldn't want the barnyard to be at the mercy of the villains, right?

Your score is determined by how quickly you complete your mission! However, there are certain items you can grab to earn some useful bonuses. Drive over the milk bottles, tool boxes, or yellow road signs, and obtain power-ups, including extra speed, repairs for the chopper, or points added to your total.

Are you excited to begin the race and go against the coyotes? If so, ride along with Otis, and do your best to stop the pickup trucks!