Pip's Egg-cellent Adventure

Show your wits and agility in Pip's Egg-cellent Adventure game! Protect the hens and their eggs from Dag's grabby hands by matching three or more eggs!

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About Pip's Egg-cellent Adventure Game

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Play Pip's Egg-cellent Adventure game to protect animals who need it! If you are a fan of farm animals, you can't miss out on this fun match-three game! The hens from the Back at the Barnyard series are under threat! Dag, the evil fox, and his mischief-making crew have surrounded the henhouse, hoping to steal eggs and eat chicken. Yikes!

The game consists of multiple levels, each one more challenging than the other. Before starting, you'll have to choose a difficulty level: over easy and hard-boiled. Now, clear the eggs before they reach Dag's grabby claws! Can you give a helping hand to these birds in need? 

How to Play

Picking up eggs is easy as pie in this game! All you have to do is click on an egg in a group of three or more. They'll disappear instantly! Besides, you can form them in every direction! More precisely, look at vertical, horizontal, and even diagonal groups. Naturally, the longer the chain, the more points you get!

However, if you click on an egg not belonging to a group, you'll crack it. If you make another mistake, it will break, making you lose points. Yikes! You'll also lose eggs, and the game will be over if you let the rows of eggs get so high that they reach Dag.

Are you looking for a way to score more points? Look for particular types of eggs, such as golden ones, painted ones, and even hatching eggs. Click on them to clear up many eggs at once and earn a bonus! 

What else you should know

If the game gets too fast or too slow for you, you have a way of controlling the speed temporarily. Click on the horseshoe to take it easy or on the picture frame if you want to speed it up. You can find them both on the right side of the screen. However, you have only three of each, so use them wisely!

At the end of each level, you'll find out how well you did. Keep clicking and matching to keep the eggs out of the fox's reach! How long can you hang out in the henhouse?

Even if you fail first, you can keep practicing to improve your speed and intelligence. Outsmart Dag for a chance to reach the high score list!