All Cooped Up

Play the All Cooped Up game and help Otis send all the turkeys to their coops! Guide the birds to their matching enclosures and avoid the farmer's gaze!

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About All Cooped Up Game

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Help Otis bring all the turkeys back to their brightly colored coops in the All Cooped Up game! The turkeys at Otis' farm started roaming around the courtyard, and the farmer couldn't lure them back inside. Now it's up to the brave cow to do it, but he must stay undetected, or who knows what might happen if his secret gets out! Will you manage to send all the turkeys to their homes?

Your job is to guide all the turkeys to their color-matching coops by shouting while hiding from the curious farmer! Farm work is not easy, and turkeys are pretty stubborn birds, but Otis can do it if he has a master farmer like you by his side!

How to Play

You will need your keyboard to shoo the turkeys away and toward their coops. Here are your controls and how to use them:

 - Arrow keys: Move around.

 - Left + Right arrow keys: Hold to disguise.

 - Spacebar: Shout at the turkeys.

Each turkey has a specific color and will only go to rest in a similarly colored coop. Guide the birds into their homes by shouting at them. Once they're close to their little houses, one more yell sends them in, and you earn points. However, if a turkey starts flashing, it's about to run away. Make sure it gets into the coop, or you risk losing some of your points.

Remember to pay attention to the shout meter on the bottom left of your screen. It fills up quickly, and when the indicator lands on the red color, the farmer will be alarmed and check the enclosure. At that moment, Otis must disguise himself and become an ordinary cow until the farmer leaves! Then you can go back to your task and complete it before the time runs out!

Will you become a skilled farmer and manage to send all the turkeys to their coops? Don't hesitate and start Shooing!