Operation Otis Drop

Play the Operation Otis Drop game and help your friend recover his mini-clones! Aim and shoot crates to deploy their parachutes so they can land safely!

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About Operation Otis Drop Game

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Help your cow friend get his mini-clones to safety in the Operation Otis Drop game! It's a known fact amongst the farm animals that Otis is quite a lazy fellow, so he ordered some mini-clones to help him do his everyday tasks! But oh no! None of the mini-clone crates have parachutes and keep dropping fast from the sky! Will you manage to help Otis before his mini-clones get hurt?

You have a pretty significant task to fulfill in this game! Help Otis use the earwax gun to shoot the crates, allowing them to land safely on the farm grounds! You're the only one who can save the mini-clones from their doom!

How to Play

You will need both the keyboard and mouse to save the mini-clones! Here's how to use the controls:

 - Left / Right arrow keys: Move around the map.

 - Mouse: Aim toward the crates.

 - Mouse Click: Shoot the earwax to give the crates parachutes so they can land safely!

Try not to drop any of the crates on the ground! You can only let that happen three times before it's game over, and you lose all your mini-clones. Another way the game could end is if naughty Snotty takes away your earwax gun! Just shoot him with it as soon as he appears in the corner, and you'll be safe!

Sometimes when crates drop on the floor, some of the mini-clones would walk around. If Otis picks them up, he'll increase the power of his blaster up to three times! However, he can only hold up to three mini-Otis clones. Once a crate drops to the ground, it'll disappear!

Are you ready to save all of Otis' mini-clone helpers and show off your aiming skills? If so, grab the earwax gun and start shooting!