Farming Frenzy

Help Otis collect the harvest in the Farming Frenzy game! Are you agile and witty enough to match all the crops and clear up the field with no mistakes?

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About Farming Frenzy Game

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Help Otis improve harvesting at the farm in the Farming Frenzy game! If you know anything about the cow hero of the Back at the Barnyard series, then his latest invention will come as no surprise. Otis is always trying to find a way to make farm work fun. Therefore, his new harvest collector is the perfect solution for gathering vegetables in style!

The game consists of a single round, where your goal is to gather all the vegetables on the field. You can do so by shooting a matching item at each of them. Create large groups and make no mistakes to earn a high score. This way, Otis will impress all his friends at the farm with his new invention!

How to Play

Don't worry if you've never harvested a vegetable in your life! Otis has made it easier than ever. The first step is to look at what you have in your cannon. Is it an onion, a tomato, a salad, corn, or a pumpkin? Next, look around you in the crop circle, and find a vegetable of the same type. You can move your cursor to orient the cannon towards it.

All it takes to launch the crop is one click. However, you shouldn't hurry! Every few seconds, the crops will rotate, making it harder for you to aim accurately. If you manage to match the projectile to the crop, both will disappear.

What is more, if there are more vegetables of the same type in the vicinity, you'll get bonus points! However, if you make a mistake, a shrub will appear. It will block your projectiles in the future, so avoid any misstep!

What else you should know

If you want to ace this game, don't forget to glance at the upper left corner of the screen before every shot. You can see what projectile comes next, making it easier to strategize.

Besides, sometimes you'll get a hyper or an ultra shot. The first will clear out a vegetable of any color, while the latter will destroy an entire group. How awesome!

The harvest is over once the entire field is clear. However, any shrub left behind will prevent you from finishing the level with a perfect score. Keep practicing until you become a master harvester with Otis!