Shiverin' Sheep Slide

Don't miss out on the Shiverin' Sheep Slide game if you're a curling fan! Play as Otis, Pip, or Pig, and try to get your sheep close to the target!

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Enjoy the magic of wintertime at the farm in the Shiverin' Sheep Slide game! And what better activity to try than curling, a thrilling winter sport? This game is even more fun because you'll be playing with sheep. It sounds ridiculous, but give it a try, and you'll have a blast!

The game consists of ten rounds, where you'll have to reach a goal score with a limited number of sheep. If you manage to do it, you'll earn bragging rights on the farm and prove your precision and agility. Give it a try!

How to Play

Before you can start curling, choose your favorite player. You have three players at your disposal, each boasting different skills. Namely, Otis has a greater broom power, Pig is stronger at launches, and Pip is a balanced player. Pick your favorite and start playing!

Luckily you don't need any previous training in this sport to succeed. Besides, the only equipment you'll need is your mouse! Each sheep slide has three parts. First, you'll have to launch the animal by clicking and dragging anywhere in the launch area.

Next, get ready to sweep! You can use the broom to guide the sheep down the ice until it reaches the target. The more you click, the further it goes! The trick is to keep the projectile's momentum while avoiding obstacles and gathering bonuses!

Gathering presents, snowflakes, and gingerbread men will help you earn bonus points. How wonderful!

What else you should know

The final part of any launch is the most important. Land the sheep in one of the three target areas to earn points! If you land on blue, you earn 10 points. In turn, black will earn you 25 points, and the red zone is worth 50. 

Even if some of the sheep you've launched won't reach the target on the first try, you still have a chance to use them to earn points. Use another one of the projectiles to push the first into the target area. That's a pro move!

Who would've known that sliding sheep on ice can be so much fun? You can enjoy this unique winter farmyard activity without any worries. No sheep were harmed in the creation of this game!