Boy Tipping

Give the Boy Tipping game a try and help the animals scare away the cow tipper! Follow the map, sneak into the house, and do your best not to get caught!

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Show off your stealth and agility by sneaking into Snotty Boy's house in the Boy Tipping game! Otis and his buddies are prepared to exact revenge on the cow tipper. However, they need your help to get the plan started. Will you lend them a hand and help them achieve their target in this thrilling adventure?

Let's begin the mission! Your job here is to help your cute friends arrive at the cow tipper's room and punish him. However, it's nighttime, so you must be careful not to make too much noise, or you'll get caught! Will you be able to reach your target and complete the challenge?

How to Play

Before starting your sneaky adventure, you should understand the basics! Luckily the controls are very straightforward!

- Arrow Keys: Move around the map.

- Spacebar: Open doors and windows.

- Control key: Toggle walk/run.

First things first, you must select your favorite agent for the mission between Otis, Peck, and Pig. However, you must choose carefully, because they all have unique skills! While Otis is the most well-rounded, Peck is the fastest and stealthiest, and Pig is the strongest. Just think of a strategy for the mission and pick your character according to your plan!

The snore meter represents the sleepiness of the house and is affected by your actions. If you move too fast, walk into obstacles, or push too hard on doors and windows, the bar will be depleted in no time! You must do your best to be sneaky and always use the right amount of power. If the bar drops to zero, it'll be game over!

What else you should know

Keep in mind that you have limited time to complete each level! You only get 110 seconds in total before the mission is over. However, it's not always good to rush. If you run, you'll make more noise and risk waking Snotty Boy up!

Look around the map, open all doors and see which way they lead! If you notice any circles, run toward them because they'll show you where bonuses are located. Collecting the items, you'll get special rewards, including additional points or freezing the clock for a limited time. However, if you're unlucky, you might end up at a dead end and lose points. 

Can you make it to Snotty Boy's room before time is up? If so, join Otis and his buddies and help them get revenge on the cow tipper by playing the sneakiest prank ever!