Bags Away

Help SpongeBob avoid Plankton's luggage attacks in the Bags Away game! Move away from the falling bags to survive and collect the golden coins!

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SpongeBob's bus trip is about to get ruined by the evil Plankton in the Bags Away game! Even though SpongeBob has a driver's license, he loves taking the bus home from time to time. However, Plankton has other plans and wants to stop the bus at all costs! He is disturbing everyone and banging on the windows hard, making all the passengers' bags fall! Can you make it to the next station safely?

Helping SpongeBob avoid falling bags and collect coins for points is your role in this game. Plankton won't stop until he gets the sponge, so it's up to you to give him a hand! Don't let any luggage pin SpongeBob down, and make sure he makes it home in one piece!

How to Play

To avoid falling luggage, use your mouse. You can move your cursor from side to side and guide SpongeBob away from the heavy bags. With one click, you can jump and collect golden coins. A warning sign will appear where the next luggage will fall, so pay attention and crawl away. You'll move on to the next level once you've successfully avoided a wave of falling bags.

Each level gets more hectic as you advance and will pose a challenge for the friendly sponge. You will have to pay attention to the falling bags and the random snack carts that try to knock you down. If you take a hit, you'll lose a life. You only have four life points to avoid the obstacles before it's game over!

Although one wave of falling bags can knock you down, you can replenish your health. While collecting golden coins for points, you might notice some green orbs of health floating around. Jump to grab them and increase your chances of surviving through another wave of bag attacks!

Can you avoid all the falling bags and be safe throughout the bus trip? Keep your head down, and don't let Plankton see you!