Pinatas Locas

SpongeBob is having trouble running from the town's folks in the Pinatas Locas Game. Jump over traps, collect coins, and ditch enemies to help him escape!

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About Pinatas Locas Game

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Get ready for some adrenaline-filled western action in the Pinatas Locas Game! SpongeBob has done it again … this time, he's set the whole Bikini Bottom on fire. Folks couldn't be more pissed off with him. Armed with torches and pitchforks, they have circled SpongeBob in his house and won't leave until justice is done. Good thing SpongeBob's got a trick or two left up his sleeve.

Your job is to help our dear friend outrun the town's folks by using a magical, flying Pinata. Be careful, though, for you may encounter many obstacles on the journey.

Use your skills and imagination to avoid the traps and dangers that are waiting ahead and save Spongebob before it's too late. Do you think you've got what it takes for this daunting challenge?

How to Play

The game is quite easy to play in terms of controls. You will only need to use the mouse. Press and hold it to move SpongeBob and gain some advantage. The longer you press, the more space you put between you and your enemies. Make sure to still see what awaits ahead of you, or you might get severely injured by a thorny cactus.

To reach higher, double-click for a combo-jump. Enter the western atmosphere and ditch off spiky cacti or dry, scratching lumps of Tumbleweed, all while trying to collect as many coins as possible. The more coins you catch, the higher your score will rise. You can see your score at the top of the page, in the left corner, along with your available power-ups.

Useful Tips

Once you've got enough points, you can activate your power-ups and collect more coins for a short period. The same goes for Tumbleweeds: jump on and destroy them for a quicker charge of power-ups.

You will also have to keep on eye on your lives during gameplay, for that you only have three of them. Bump into traps enough times, and the game will be over!

Now that you know the rules go ahead and have fun! And make sure the folks of Bikini Bottom don't catch you!