Prank You Very Much

Play the Prank You Very Much game and join everyone's funny antics! Pick your favorite Nickelodeon show, and get pranked on April Fool's Day!

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Join the Nickelodeon gang in playing a few pranks on each other in the Prank You Very Much game! It's the first day of April, and you know what that means! Time for April Fool's Day! Pranks, jokes, and funny tricks are bound to happen everywhere! Each of your Nickelodeon friends has a trick up their sleeves, and you might be the one that gets to experience it all!

The main goal of this game is to have all your buddies pull a prank on you by making you follow instructions and play some mini-games! It's all harmless fun, but do prepare for a few jumpscares! And don't worry! Next year, on April Fool's day, you can prank everyone!

How to Play

You will only need your trusty mouse to participate in your friends' pranks! Each show and character wants to come up with their antics, so you'll have to follow different instructions every time! You might have to click on some objects or follow a specific line with your cursor! Other times, you might have to click and hold!

You're free to choose which prank you want to join, or you can participate in all of them! For example, if you pick SpongeBob SquarePants, you might have to scratch a jellyfish or smell some saltwater candy! If you choose Harvey Beaks instead, you'll have to find Harvey, Fee, and Foo in a big crowd of people. What happens next is a surprise!

Prepare for a bunch of jumpscares from your Nickelodeon friends! They might be nice, but they won't stop until they fool you one way or another! However, don't be too scared! You can get them back for these pranks next year!

Are you ready for some high-quality shenanigans from the Nickelodeon bunch? Only the best pranks can fool you!