Piper's Bubble Guessing

Hop in the bath and get covered in soap bubbles in the Piper's Bubble Guessing game! Can you identify your friend's costume and choose the correct answer?

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Are you skilled at reading your friends' thoughts? If so, you have to give the Piper's Bubble Guessing game a try! It's bath time for Piper O'Possum, and she loves to wear disguises. Will you join her for this fun mission and see if you can guess the correct answer?

To solve the mystery, you must identify all of Piper's costumes! However, these are no regular disguises because they're all made of soap bubbles. Each time your friend goes into the tub, she will come out looking different. Can you keep up with her costume changes and guess which character she's supposed to be each time?

How to Play

Now is your chance to begin your bathtime adventure! Luckily, the controls here are very straightforward. Just use your mouse, click on the bubbles to pop them, and guess what Piper's disguise is. After you get it right, you can move on to the next costume! 

Your friend is ready to dress up as various characters from Blue's Clues, Lazy Town, Dora the Explorer, and other shows! However, there is a catch: the costumes are made out of bubbles! This is no regular disguise, so you have to pay close attention and find the correct answer. Will you be able to uncover the mystery?

Let's begin Piper's bath time! Your buddy is ready to make funny disguises using soap bubbles, and you have to guess the character for each round. There are 3 choices for every new look, so take your pick and see if you are right! Just keep in mind that each time Piper goes underwater, she comes back with a different costume for you.

Don't worry if you make a mistake! You can keep popping the bubbles until you get the correct answer. The longer you spend playing, the more your abilities will improve. Soon, you'll become a master at reading Piper's disguises!

Can you uncover all of your buddy's costumes? If so, put your observation skills to good use and start popping the bubbles! Your friend is excited to show you all her wacky disguises!