Party in my Tummy

Recognize different types of food with the Party in my Tummy game! Can you find out what Brobee is craving and fill his belly with the perfect combination?

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Join Brobee for his meal in the Party in my Tummy game! Any Yo Gabba Gabba fan knows about Brobee's passion for trying new foods. Unlike most kids, he isn't afraid to experiment with different flavors. As a result, he loves to throw a party for his tummy by trying delicious treats.

Follow his example and learn about food by joining him in a fun event! Play the role of a special guest at his party!

Your mission is to find out what Brobee is craving. Identify the foods based on their shape, then find them on the table. If you feed our hero the best treats, he'll reward you with a song!

How to Play

Firstly, make sure you check out the shapes in Brobee's tummy by checking out the right side of the screen. You'll have to find three different foods by recognizing their black contour. It can be much trickier than you think!

Next, check out all the different foods on the table to the left. They represent the main food groups: fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, and starches. Do any of them resemble the shapes in Brobee's stomach? 

Once you decide, click on the item and watch out for Brobee's reaction. If your guess is correct, he'll happily eat the food and even sing a little. However, if you make a mistake, he'll become sad and refuse to eat it. Just try again!

Guess all three foods and Brobee will have a party in his tummy! You might be surprised by the strange combinations our hero likes. For instance, strawberries, cheese, and sausage probably don't go well together. However, some turn out to be delicious. Maybe you should try them yourself and find out.

Play the game as many times as you want to discover all the things Brobee likes! You'll practice the names of different foods in a fun atmosphere. Besides, Brobee's silly song will surely put a smile on your face!