Magic Word Adventure

Can you find all of DJ Lance Rock's star shards in the Magic Word Adventure game? Head off on your journey and search all over for the missing items!

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About Magic Word Adventure Game

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Say the magic words and get ready for lots of fun in the Magic Word Adventure game! DJ Lance Rock's star fell from his hat and shattered into pieces. Now, your friend must find all the magical shards and put the item back together! Will you join him for this adventure and seek all the missing parts?

In this thrilling search, your job is to visit all four locations of Gabbaland and search for the star pieces! Luckily for you, there's no need to go alone. Just choose your favorite Gabba Gabba friend, and he will come along on this adventure! Can you hop through the platforms and find all four missing parts for DJ Lance Rock?

How to Play

First things first, you have to understand the basics! To choose your companion for this journey, just use your mouse and click on the matching character. After that, you'll have to guide him across the land by pressing on the Left and Right Arrow keys. Once you're ready to jump to another platform, simply tap on the Space bar and leap high in the sky!

Can you find all the shards and restore DJ Lance Rock's star? If so, you'll have to visit all four possible locations across Gabbaland. Just don't forget about the magic word: please! Before you can locate the treasure and help your friend, you'll have to grab all six letters of the word.

Let's start looking for the star pieces! To do this, you must hop from one platform to another and search all over. Just do your best not to get lost, and follow the path ahead to reach the magic shards! Don't worry if you lose your way, because you can go back anytime and search the area again.

What else you should know

Remember to keep an eye out for the music notes! The more of them you have, the higher your score will be.

You can also use the flower trampolines to collect all the items. Just jump on them, and you'll fly up to higher platforms!

Do you have what it takes to help DJ Lance Rock find all the star pieces? If so, embark on this adventure together with your Gabba Gabba friends and locate the missing treasure!