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Give the Air Patroller game a try and stop the volcano eruption! Fly to the destination, collect all the snacks along the way, and stay out of danger!

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Join the Paw Patrol pups for a thrilling mission in the Air Patroller game! Marshall and Rubble are heading off to Volcano Island, and they want you to join in. Are you ready to come along with the cute animated puppies and stop the volcano from erupting? If so, buckle up because there's a long journey ahead!

Let's get on board the Air Patroller! Your job for this mission is to fly through the sky and collect enough pup treats. However, there are many obstacles on the way to the final destination, so you have to be very careful! Will you be able to keep your friends' energy up throughout the challenge?

How to Play

It's time to fly toward the island! Press the Up and Down Arrows on your keyboard to collect pup treats and avoid things on the way. If you want to increase your speed, all you need to do is tap on the Right Arrow. You can even perform tricks in the air by pressing the Space bar!

Your main goal is to help the Rubble and Marshall fly the Air Patroller toward Volcano Island. However, before you can stop the eruption, you must first complete 3 thrilling missions. Fly over the sea, find bananas for the jungle monkeys, then head into the volcano to block the lava from flowing! Just don't forget to feed your copilots some tasty treats or their energy level will keep dropping!

Throughout the challenge, you will come across little obstacles on the way that will slow you down. Can you watch out for the stormy clouds, birds, or even whales? Just move up and down to avoid running into them! If you do this, you'll arrive at the destination in no time.

Have you managed to reach the volcano? If so, head for the center and fill the hole with rocks! Place down all the boulders, and the lava will finally stop flowing. After that, the Rescue Mission will finally be complete!

Hurry up! The monkeys need your help! Can you join Rubble and Marshall and help the pups stop the eruption? If so, hop in the Air Patroller and get going!