Hero's Choice

Follow your dreams in the Hero's Choice game. Choose your preferred course of action, play the mini-games, and see where the story takes you in the end!

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If you ever wished to create a cartoon episode of your own, now you can do that in the Hero's Choice game! SpongeBob and Patrick Star are ready to go to bed and dream away about their adventures. The fun thing today is that you have a word to say in each story! Will you accept the challenge?

Your aim in this game is to uncover as many endings for each dream. Because you can create different courses of events according to your choices, there are quite a lot of possibilities. But these dreams are not exactly the usual kind! Both SpongeBob and Patrick think that they are superheroes like the Mermaid Man and the Barnacle Boy.

How to Play

Conducting dreams is simple with SpongeBob. The only tool you will need is your mouse, nothing more! It will help you select one of the alternative answers for each dream stage. 

Everything starts in the bed, the first choice you need to make is whether you want your story to star SpongeBob or you prefer Patrick Star. This choice will open totally different perspectives, but do not overthink it too much. You can always start everything again from the start.

Alternatively, within the dream, there can also be little games. The first one you will encounter is the Donut Bump one. There, you must do your best to click at the perfect timing when the two friends can do a satisfactory bump.

Only after the superhero donut bump can the real dream begin. Now you will see fragments of mysterious events that are putting the Bikini Bottom in danger. Choose your version of the story and see where each decision takes you.

As you play, you will uncover different possible endings for the fantasies. Some of them might a happier ending than others. Well, everybody has their bad dreams from time to time!

Good luck and have fun daydreaming so many adventures with your favorite character!