Pool Party Pooper

Try the Pool Party Pooper game to help SpongeBob make it through a busy day. Can you help him keep the anchovies cool while also caring for Patrick?

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It's a sunny day outside, and the characters from the SpongeBob SquarePants show went to a poll to cool down a bit in the Pool Party Pooper game! However, this day it's not relaxing as SpongeBob needs to be sure that the anchovies do not get sunburnt. On top of that, Patrick wants to start trouble. Can you help the little sponge get through the day?

Let's get ready for some action! Your role is to help SpongeBob put enough sunscreen on the anchovies and keep them cool. Besides that, you have to make sure that Patrick is well fed. You can't let him bother the relaxed fish! Can you put up with this challenge and help your friend?

How to Play

The controls are pretty straightforward! To help SpongeBob, you only need to use your mouse. Hover it from left to right to make him move, and press Left Click to use the sunscreen or to throw food at Patrick. A piece of cake, isn't it?

Your first task is to keep the anchovies from being burned by the sun! Use the SPF 9000+ sunscreen when you see them turning red. If the sunscreen runs out, go to the sunscreen table to recharge! However, remember that the sun will become more powerful as time passes, so your task will only become harder.

The second thing you should remember is to make sure Patrick gets enough food and doesn't bodyslam anyone! You can see when he gets hungry by his expression. Go and grab something to eat from the food table and throw it at him. It will keep him happy, and he will not bother anyone! If he bodyslams three anchovies, it's game over!

The time came to begin the challenge! Are you ready to take on this difficult task? SpongeBob can't make it alone, so let's go and help him out before it's too late! Do you think you can handle all this heat?