Larry's Beach Blast

Play the Larry's Beach Blast game and help the muscly crab fight toxic monsters! Smash the creatures, shield Larry from spikes and save the anchovies!

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About Larry's Beach Blast Game

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Help the most muscular crab in Bikini Bottom fight the toxic monsters in Larry's Beach Blast game! Oh no! The toxic juices spread all over the beach where Larry was relaxing! Now a bunch of monsters is coming out of the sand! They're trying to harm the anchovies too! However, Larry is strong and won't let any chaos happen! Will you join his fight?

Your goal in this game is to smash all the toxic monsters and save the anchovies from their grasp! Only the true hero of Bikini Bottom can claim victory against the dangerous monsters! After all, not even a few ugly creatures can ruin Larry's day at the beach!

How to Play

You only need your keyboard to prove your strength and save the day! Use the Right, Left, and Down arrow keys to punch the toxic monsters wherever they appear! Consecutive punches will increase your points with combos, so try to hit as many as possible without breaking them!

Another type of monster will appear from time to time! The spike monsters are more vicious and will explode after a few seconds. Avoid punching them since they can harm you. Instead, press the Up arrow key to shield yourself from the spikes! If the thorns touch you, you will lose one of your three lives!

Some of the monsters you encounter will hold anchovies with their tentacles! Punch them once to release them, then again to collect your combo! If the creature explodes before you free the anchovy, you will lose one life! Once the three lives are gone, it's game over!

Are you ready to punch some ugly monsters in the face and save the fish of Bikini Bottom? Don't hold back and smash away!