Mr. Krabs Makes Cents

Play the Mr. Krabs Makes Cents game and help the greedy crab get rich! Fill the jar to the limit by making matches of three or more colorful coins!

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About Mr. Krabs Makes Cents Game

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Help your favorite greedy crab gather coins in his big jar in the Mr. Krabs Makes Cents game! It is not a secret that Mr. Krabs, the owner of Krusty Krab, loves money. He dreams of cash, and counting it is his hobby! Now, the crab entrusts you with an important task: fill his coin jar to the brim! Can you make Mr. Krabs smile and fulfill his wish?

Your goal is to help Mr. Krabs get rich by pairing three or more coins in a row and filling his cents jar to the limit! You cannot miss this fun activity if you're a fan of the classic matching games and enjoy a timed challenge! Who knows? Maybe Mr. Krabs will be generous enough to share some of his precious coins with you!

How to Play

To match colorful coins and gain points, use your mouse. By clicking on the ones you wish to move and dragging them vertically or horizontally, you can pair the cents and add them to Mr. Krabs' jar! There should be at least three to form a match, but four or more get rewarded with extra cash! If you cannot find any straight pair, the L shape is also accepted!

Mr. Krabs is not the most patient crab, so he will start panicking as soon as his jar starts running out of money. The jar's contents slowly drain with time, pressuring you to find matches faster. Although there is no clear indicator, Mr. Krabs' worried expression will give it away. Try making matches as quickly as possible to avoid losing the game!

There are two unique types of coins that you will find as you advance through the levels. The Coin Bomb will blow everything around it when matched with cents of the same color, which will bring you a bonus. The other one is the Locked Coin which prevents you from moving the row and column it belongs to until a match is made!

What else you should know

If you're stuck and out of moves, you can click the Shuffle button and refresh the game board! New matches will be available, and you might obtain some bonuses, but beware! Each new shuffle costs Mr. Krabs some coins, and he won't be happy about it!

Will you manage to make the wealthiest crab in Bikini Bottom even richer? Keep the jar full, and Mr. Krabs will be satisfied!