Patty Panic

Don't let dreams turn into nightmares in the Patty Panic game! Walk over the scattered ingredients to build a gigantic burger and watch out for Plankton!

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Don't let SpongeBob's dreams turn into nightmares in the Patty Panic game! After a long working day at Krusty Krab, he is still making Krabby Patties in his sleep. But some villain has sneaked in and is turning everything into a nightmare.

You must try to straighten things out and keep Plankton's robotic minions away from interrupting SpongeBob's dream. You should do your best to accomplish the task, and create the world's biggest Krabby Patties by stepping on the ingredients to put them together.

Assemble the Krabby Patties!

To make SpongeBob's dreams come true, and to win in this game, you must assemble the Patties correctly. Because our favorite character from Bikini Bottom loves these burgers, he wants to show his appreciation in big style. Huge to be more exact.

He even managed to cook all the required ingredients by himself! But now, when got so close to accomplishing everything, Plankton has decided to spoil everything. He created some evil robotic minion to mess everything up. 

The aim of this game is to make all the ingredients fall into place. To do that, you must lead SpongeBob onto them. Once he walks over something, that ingredient will fall to the ground. Sometimes, these might need to drop a few levels before they reach the target.

How to Play

For this game, you will only need to use your keyboard. Press the Arrow keys to move around the scaffold. Plankton will be following your every step, trying to get you. Be on the lookout for him, and don't let him come too close. 

If he dares though to come too near, you can attack him by pressing the Space Bar. That will stun the villain temporarily, and it will give you enough time to make a quick escape if you are cornered. Collect the mustard and golden spatula power-ups to get more chances to defend yourself. 

As you go deeper into SpongeBob's dreams, the burgers will become even more complicated. They will require more ingredients to be dropped, and that means more danger. Plankton is looking forward to being a pain in your neck and will get more robots to stop you. Good luck!