SpongeBob: Capture Craze

Play the Capture Craze game and help SpongeBob show off his jellyfishing skills! Swing your net and capture all the jellyfish without getting zapped!

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SpongeBob is ready to show off his jellyfishing skills in the Capture Craze game! It is well known that SpongeBob's favorite hobby is catching jellyfish with his trusty net. A new kind of jellyfish occupies the meadows, and our favorite sponge is excited to try and collect it! He must be careful, though, or he might get stung! Will you join him in his quest?

Your role in this game is to help SpongeBob catch as many jellyfish as possible without getting stung. You can learn the ins and outs of jellyfishing and quickly master it! Are you ready to take them by surprise with a fast swoosh of your net?

How to Play

To capture all the jellyfish, use your mouse. You can guide SpongeBob around the vast green plains by moving your cursor. When you spot a jellyfish, click to swing your net and capture it. The more you collect, the higher your score will be! SpongeBob can't wait to tally up the numbers at the end of the day and see who captured the most jellyfish!

There are two types of jellyfish floating around the plains. Capturing the pink ones will add one point to your high score, but the gold ones value more. Not only do they bring you extra points, but they also upgrade your net, making it bigger and stronger. The golden net will help you capture more jellyfish at once and boost your score!

Jellyfish can be unpredictable and dangerous, so try not to get too close to them! Every time SpongeBob touches a jellyfish, he will be stung and zapped! Avoid them as much as possible and hold onto your lives because you only have three. If SpongeBob gets zapped three times, it will be game over!

Now that you know all the tricks, will you become the ultimate jellyfishing champion? Grab your net and get to work!