Gifts a Go Go

Play the Gifts a Go Go game and help SpongeBob deliver the gifts! Drag the present to the matching fish and avoid letting any fall from the tower!

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Help SpongeBob spread the Christmas spirit through presents in the Gifts a Go Go game! Santa Claus has taken a step back to rest, so SpongeBob took it upon himself to deliver the gifts this year! Fish from all over Bikini Bottom came to receive their long-awaited presents, and our favorite sponge friend needs to give everyone the right one! Will you stand by the new Santa's side?

Your job is to give each fish their matching gift based on the color of their clothes before they get upset and leave! You'll need to be quick and precise to beat this time challenge! Everyone in Bikini Bottom is counting on you!

How to Play

You will need your mouse to deliver the gifts to each fish. As the presents fall into a fragile pile, you must click and quickly drag the wrapped box to the anchovy wearing a matching color. Try keeping the gift tower balanced and avoid dropping any of them on the floor!

Each fish will wear an item colored just like the present they're about to receive. They will only accept a matching gift. If you give them the wrong colored box, they will be mad and leave. Try doing so as quickly as possible, or the fish will get impatient and not only cost you points but a life too!

The tower is unstable and moves a lot from side to side. Every time you drag a gift out of the stack, it might affect its balance. Some presents can also fall out of the tower, so be careful! While some end up in the hands of the fish, others can wind up on the floor, making you lose a chance. You can only drop gifts or anger the fish five times before it's game over!

Are you ready to take on Santa Claus' job and deliver all the gifts to the eager fish residents of Bikini Bottom? Let the Christmas Spirit of sharing take over!