SpongeBob: Gas Blast

Play the Gas Blast game and help Patrick and SpongeBob make it out of the caverns! Control your flight with the starfish's gas and avoid all obstacles!

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Help SpongeBob and Patrick escape the Chum Caverns in the SpongeBob: Gas Blast game! The duo is stuck in a cave full of dangers underneath Bikini Bottom! They must find their way out and avoid any obstacles!

However, the caverns are not easy to navigate, and flying might be the only option. With the power of a good meal and very potent gas, Patrick is ready to toot out of those dark places! Will he make it out in time?

Your job in this game is to help Patrick fly out of the dark caves with the power of his gas while avoiding obstacles and cave dwellers! You cannot miss this fun game if you're a fan of Flappy Bird or other similar dynamic challenges! A good toot goes a long way!

How to Play

To navigate through the dark caverns, use your keyboard. Press and hold the Spacebar to send Patrick up and down, and don't let him bump into anything. The starfish needs to control his little gas slips and make it out of the cave with his friend SpongeBob!

Although this game might look like a fun flying exercise, it is also dangerous. Try to avoid the cave's walls, the stalactites, stalagmites, and rocks which appear in your way. To make this challenge even harder, you must protect Patrick from getting caught or grabbed by the handsy cave dwellers!

Your score will increase as you get through the levels by flying and staying away from danger. However, that comes with a consequence. Patrick will gain a lot of speed while moving through the caverns, which makes avoiding obstacles harder. One mistake, and it's game over! So focus and do your best to keep away from everything!

Will Patrick toot his way out of the scary and dark caverns in one go? Take off and gas it up!