Mystery Mansion

SpongeBob is missing again in the Halloween-themed Mystery Mansion game! Help Sandy find him by exploring the mansion and defeating all the evil ghosts!

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This Halloween, things are getting spookier than ever in the Mystery Mansion game! SpongeBob and some of his friends from the Nickelodeon universe were invited to a mystery party. But they must have arrived at a different location since nobody is to be seen!

As soon as they enter the spooky place, a ghost scares SpongeBob away, and Sandy remains alone in the entryway! Something feels wrong, so she grabs the ghost vacuum by the door, and begins looking for her friends! 

You have to help Sandy patrol the entire place! She has to catch as many ghosts as possible to get closer to SpongeBob! She feels scared, but you are there to make sure Sandy will finish the game with ease! 

How to Play

Sandy needs to walk around the house to inspect possible hiding places! Use the Right, Left, Up, and Down arrows to direct her across the platforms! Look out for areas that seem suspicious because there you will find the evil spirits!

Once you spot the mischievous phantoms, press the Spacebar to get them out of their hiding spot! Now it is time to use your weapon! Hold the Spacebar to turn on the vacuum and capture the ghost! After you do this, an arrow will appear on the screen! Press that button until the spirit is completely gone!

Make sure to follow the instructions while fighting a ghost! If you make a wrong move or press the wrong arrow, the spirit will lash out at you! 

Sandy’s life meter is located on the left-top of the screen! Pay attention to it, or else the game stops! Also, Don’t let the ghost get too close to your character, because it will eat up all her energy!

Tips and Tricks 

After every phantom you defeat, you gain some rewarding candy! They are a great source of bonus points that help you score higher! Even better, sometimes, the evil spirits leave some hearts behind. They help your character get another life and fill up her green bar! 

To get to the next level of the house, you have to fight all the ghosts on the floor! After you have defeated the mischievous spirits, doors will open for Sandy to explore more of the mansion! For every room, there is a boss ghost, usually one of Sandy’s friends that needs to be rescued! 

Help Sandy rescue all her lost friends and find out more about what happened! She has to find SpongeBob and put an end to this crazy adventure! Make sure to have your eyes locked on the screen, and defeat all the malicious spirits!