Paw Patrol: Get Sorting

Join the puppies for a cleaning session in the Paw Patrol: Get Sorting game! Can you sort the items into piles and place them all in their matching buckets?

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About Paw Patrol: Get Sorting Game

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Test your memory and show off your quick thinking with the Paw Patrol: Get Sorting game! The cute Paw Patrol puppies are back with a new mission for you to try. They have scattered items all over the place, and now the pups need your help to sort them and restore order. Do you have what it takes to complete this challenge?

Let's get to work! Your job is to pick up the objects and place them inside their respective buckets. However, the mission will become more and more difficult as you progress. Just try to move quickly and do your best not to make any mistakes!

How to Play

Before you begin the mission, you have to understand the basics. Luckily the only tool you need for this challenge is your mouse. Click on an item to pick it up, then drag and drop it into its' matching bucket. That sounds easy so far, right?

The Paw Patrol puppies have prepared 5 fun levels for you to try. Your main goal is to sort all the items into the buckets until none are left on the screen. You will start with only 2 piles, but you will have to complete up to 4 groups as you progress through the challenge. Just stay focused on the screen, and you'll have no trouble finishing the mission!

After you overcome the first stage, the buckets will start changing places. Can you keep up with the moving piles until no more items remain in sight? If so, you must think fast and keep up with the buckets' movements! If you're too slow, you might make mistakes and have trouble completing the groups.

Remember that you're playing against the clock, so you must finish each stage before the time is up. If you can't do this, it'll be game over. However, you can keep practicing your skills as long as you need. The more you keep playing, the easier the mission will become over time!

It's time to do some cleaning! Are you ready to join the Paw Patrol and sort all the items together?